Need help, would you choose workbag or partime??

  1. Well, it seems a struggle I have lately.:cursing:
    I want my violet bbag with gsh and I already parted with my last workbag and
    now I have another and suddenly I found a partime bag.:drool:

    What style do you ladies prefer, I need my bag not really for work, but for going
    out and enjoying myself etc.:p

    I love the size of work, even though I thought it would be too large, I like it
    that way, but the partime seems more practical for going out.:hrmm:

    Would you guys agree??
    How do you guys shop for things like that??

    I do not have the partime bag yet, but I`m really leaning towards that size.

    The violet color is tdf.
    Definately the color I want for fall.
    Thanks for your opinions.:heart:
  2. I loved the size of my work until I got a part time. That size now seems way better than the work to me. I use my work for carrying a blanket, a neck pillow, and slippers onto planes now. Light stuff. But the part time, I can leave the house with it almost empty, fill it up with **** as I walk around and shop in NYC all day, and when it's too full to put the handles on my shoulder, the strap comes in such handy. The work only has handles, so you don't have that option!
  3. I prefer the PT to the work... the addl longer shoulder strap does come in hand & could be worn many different ways (refer to crackers SGH vert fonce thread) . The depth of it being shorter than the work is easier locating things within the bag. Just my 2 cents... g:huh:d luck! :tup:
  4. :p I like the work!!!
  5. work :woohoo:
  6. Work! The PT slouches all weird in the center.
  7. I prefer the work as well, I think the partime does look great when handheld and if you use the strap only if necessary.
  8. Work all the way:tup:

    Although, I must admit, after seeing cracker's gorgeous, scrumptious PTs, I'm curious about it. But the hardware seems a little lost in the long, sausage-like shape(I'm a RH girl):shrugs: GH is gorgeous on that style, though.
  9. I vote for WORK!!! :okay:
  10. I Love both styles, but, always seem to lean toward the PT due to the shoulder strap. Funny thing is, I never, ever use it, but, I like to know it's there if I need it! You can't go wrong w/ either one IMO. Alot of people mention that you can wear the work over the shoulder once the straps stretch out a bit, but, all the stretching in the world is not getting the work to stay on my shoulder.
  11. I have both a work and a PT and I have to say I vote for the PT 100%. It is easier to find all of my stuff and it isn't too big. I walked in with my work to law school one day and a girlfriend of mine asked if I was staying overnight...I mean it's a big bag, but it wasn't like I was carrying a weekender or anything!
  12. PART TIME!!!! I love love love the PT i think its such a great size and cute shape, and GH part times are my fav
  13. I like the Work - with GH the handles fit over my shoulder, but I am also thinking about a PartTime, guess Im no help!
  14. Thanks so much.:heart::upsidedown:

    Please more feedback, it is helping me already.
    I will decide by this weekend, more feedback from others.

    Thanks so much.:p
    You ladies are great.
  15. i defo think the PT is better than the work 'cos it has the shoulder strap to give you another option of how you choose to wear it.

    go for it since you're already more inclined towards it!