Need Help - working on my next bag purchase

  1. It looks like Chloe is going to lose my next bag purchase because it is taking NM soooo long to get the quilted bay out to me. In the meantime, I've been back in the friendly bbag forum, browsing for other options. I've owned a city and a work and looking to take on another style. Been thinking about the part-time and the matelasse.

    The part-time is easy to research because there is only one size but I am having some difficulty finding out which matelasse I would buy. Does anyone have any good information about this bag? I have done the searches on the forum and it seems to me that it comes in 3 sizes - NM carries the smaller two at 1795 and 1995, the medium/large ($1995 pricepoint) is the one that Lilo has, is relatively the size of a city, can hold a reasonable amount of belongings, and can fit on the shoulder WITHOUT looking like luggage.

    DO I HAVE MY INFO RIGHT?????? I hate playing the return game.

    Also, I will be posting all my shopping research on NM in another post. I have part-time, reg and gh, colors and s/m and m/l matelasse colors. Will type up and post today for those of you who are doing the same spring shopping as I am.

    Thank you everyone for your help!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I may be wrong but I believe the Matelasse currently comes in two sizes - medium and large. The medium is about the same size as a City and the large is HUGE! I saw both at NM - the large could easily pass as small luggage! :yes: I believe there are plans for am mini Matelasse in the fall (sign me up!). When you look at dimensions for the medium Matelasse and City it seems as if the Matelasse would be smaller but trust me, it isn't.

    Thanks for offering to post the NM research!
  3. So you saw both sizes at NM and the one for 1795 is the size of the city....

    The luggage size one at NM - was it $1995???????? [Fingers crossed]

    Please let this be true, 'cause if it is, I am getting one TODAY. I don't think I can justify spending 1995, though I would love to, but if the 1795 is the "city/lilo" size then YEAH YEAH YEAH.

    I will post info right after I have lunch with the DH. He doesn't like this purseforum addiction stuff so I tried to not do it during our time together.

  4. That is correct, you will love it IRL! Post pics after you get it!
  5. Hi,Kathleen....

    I believe that the 1995 one was about the size of was a big bag, but I would never think of it as a travel bag..

    there was one that was about the size of a twiggy....

    My local NM had rench blue, black, truffle and white in these models..

    I forgot to send you the messege.....I had quite a weekend....but I will now..........

    Hope you get a dream bag!
  6. The color isn't the best on this but here are my aquamarine city w/gh and my medium ($1795) black matelasse:


    Both bags were purchased at NM, on two consecutive days! :shame:
  7. So, sorry to beat a dead horse, but this is the medium? Luxe, if you carried yours, this is what it would look like (and I am sure you carry it with more panache then Ms. Lohan)...