Need help with VP

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Hi ladies... im having problem with finding a pair of VP with gold tips... wondering if you girls know anyone got them for sale??

or are they discontinued??

Another question: I have never tried VP before and not very sure about my sizing... If im generally a 39 in CL's should I get my VP in 39 too??

Looking forward to your help.. Many thanks..


Hello, lover...
Dec 6, 2009
Hi pws22,

You might have more luck if you posted your question here:


Nude VPs are difficult to find. I can't be much help with sizing, as I'm just as confused as you are. I tried on a pair of nude VPs last year in Vegas and i needed a 38, but am usually a 39. They seem to be constantly changing the sizing. I'm sure one of the other ladies can help, as they are way more on top of the sizing changes than I am. Good luck finding them!
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