Need help with Vernis Reade PM

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I've been thinking of getting the Reade PM but I am indecisive between getting a Red vernis or the Lavender. Also, I am afraid of possible color transfer. :sad2:

    I have a lavender bedford 2 years ago which had some significant color change:cry: so there's this fear in me but I love the shape and size of the Reade PM even though it's vernis.

    Would appreciate any comments and advise on color prevention of color transfer! Thanks! :biggrin:
  2. well if you've seen a significant color transfer in the lav, perhaps you should go for the red as it is darker and less prone to these kind of problems? The red is a gorgeous color! And this way you will have both a lav and a red!
  3. The red is a stunning color, and it is much less prone to color transfer because as blushingbaby said, it is much darker. The red color is gorgeous, I can post pictures of my lexington and wallet; I've never had any problems with the red like I've had with the beige and marshmallow.
  4. My Reade is RED, I've got it for few years.....used it very carefully & no colour transfer. So you can think about it.
  5. Go for the red if you're really concerned about preserving the color.
  6. I agree, go for the red.

    I see a few Red Reades on ebay every now and then and they are in spectacular condition, much better conditions than the other vernis colors.
  7. What about the Framboise? Its fresh and striking, like red, but Paris chic too. A lot of women in Tokyo love this color and wear it with a dimante keyring on the handles.
  8. i personally love the is a great, fresh color! Between the red and framboise I would choose makes the bold statement while framboise does the same thing but with a girlish flair!
  9. i might be selling my framboise reade PM ina few days :smile: