Need help with Vernis Reade PM


Mar 14, 2006
Hi everyone,

I've been thinking of getting the Reade PM but I am indecisive between getting a Red vernis or the Lavender. Also, I am afraid of possible color transfer. :sad2:

I have a lavender bedford 2 years ago which had some significant color change:cry: so there's this fear in me but I love the shape and size of the Reade PM even though it's vernis.

Would appreciate any comments and advise on color prevention of color transfer! Thanks! :biggrin:
well if you've seen a significant color transfer in the lav, perhaps you should go for the red as it is darker and less prone to these kind of problems? The red is a gorgeous color! And this way you will have both a lav and a red!
The red is a stunning color, and it is much less prone to color transfer because as blushingbaby said, it is much darker. The red color is gorgeous, I can post pictures of my lexington and wallet; I've never had any problems with the red like I've had with the beige and marshmallow.
What about the Framboise? Its fresh and striking, like red, but Paris chic too. A lot of women in Tokyo love this color and wear it with a dimante keyring on the handles.
i personally love the is a great, fresh color! Between the red and framboise I would choose makes the bold statement while framboise does the same thing but with a girlish flair!