Need help with Veneta purchase


Nov 23, 2008
Hi, I have looked at the photos of the veneta, large and medium. I have looked at the bottega site. The dimension appear very close but the photos on TPF make the sizes look quite different.

I need help - how much can you get in a medium? Thank you!


May 3, 2007
I can get my long wallet, Bal coin purse, small sammy pouch, pen holder, Kindle, and a tissue holder in. My keys and phone and Clipa (purse hook) go in the zippered pocket, which I leave unzipped for easy access.


Mar 9, 2012
I fit a continental wallet, cosmetic case, iphone, set of keys, large sunglass case in the medium ... but , filling the medium veneta up in this way makes it much less comfortable for me to carry (due to the bulk added to the depth of the bag).

I can fit all of this in the large veneta & it lays so nicely that it's like carrying nothing at all.
Jun 28, 2011
I am short as well and the medium was too small for me. I also have to wear a coat during the winter and I tried it on with a coat and it didn't fit nicely under my arm. The large is a great size in my opinion. Good luck! Either way its an awesome bag!


Emma 4ever in my <3
May 23, 2009
I bought the medium because no matter how "broken in" the leather gets on the large, I don't like the way it encompasses my entire frame especially since I wear my bags slung back. I will admit, I tend to wear my medium more in the evening. I can fit all my things in the bag, but it is tight and it still must have a drape for me.

I carry: 3 pairs of eyeglasses; pack of tissues, BV continental wallet; key case; checkbook (some times); cell phone and lip gloss in the zipper compartment. In the evening, two pairs of glasses are eliminated and the bag is half empty. I situate the contents of my things so that the top drapes nicely. For a larger bag, I am lusting (for the longest time) for a large Compana!


Aug 26, 2006
I had a medium for a brief time and my biggest problem was simply getting my hand inside to look for something--the opening wasn't adequate. I do have large hands , though. It reminded me of opening a LV Speedy 25 versus a Speedy 30--the difference in size means a lot.

IMO, the large is the more versatile size for the majority of women, but I know there are plenty of medium Veneta fans.
Oct 27, 2011
I *really* want to like the large Veneta, since nearly everyone on TPF-BV extols its virtues! But it simply doesn't work with my body type (let's just say... 'healthy pear').

I was pleasantly surprised to find that my medium Veneta can, when carefully positioned, take in:
- a continental wallet
- a medium-sized BV cosmetic pouch
- a pair of sunglasses in a soft pouch
- Kindle
- iPhone in zip pocket
- a pashmina wrap
- a toy train or two (mom duties!)
- and once in a while, my iPad

Admittedly it's a Tornabuoni so it's stiffer and doesn't slouch much (when the iPad's in, it doesn't slouch at all). But I love it because it forces me to be organized. I love it so much that a slouchy second Veneta in a bright happy nappa is on The Wishlist. (I promise not to torture that one with the iPad ;))
Jul 30, 2008
I have both sizes and I use my large for work and medium only once in a while. It's just too small for my liking. The large fits everything comfortably. I even have a maxi, but that's my travel's gotten so smooshy and soft!
Oct 27, 2011
gagabag said:
A medium can fit an iPad??? :nuts:

Very snugly, and the bag won't drape if you do. So I do it only when I need to bring an iPad out but am lazy to change bags :| I wouldn't really recommend it on a regular basis though - the drop becomes very tight. (I am SO guilty of subjecting my bags to torture :sad: )


Emma 4ever in my <3
May 23, 2009
Check out the celeb thread here. I think Emma Rosum is wearing a Medium Veneta or at least that's the way my medium looks on me. However, if you can't comfortably fit your every day essentials into the bag, I don't recommend that bag for you. Try on the large Compana. For some reason, the large Veneta doesn't feel right on me but the large Compana looks awesome. Or, you just might want to try on a different style that suits your body and needs. Happy shopping!


Jimmy Choo lover
Jul 2, 2007
I don't like how my large looks like a big pillow when I carry it so I use my medium lots more. I will say I like my pyramid the best as far as shape goes. Since it has a bottom it does not look so flat and wide like the large Veneta does on me. I am not a tiny gal at 5'5' and 130lbs.