Need help with vachetta on vintage speedy

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  1. I recently purchased a speedy that was made in 1989. While the leather handles and zipper-pull have darkened quite nicely, it looks as though the previous owner tried cleaning the tabs on either end of the zipper.

    The tabs are stripped of their patina and are rather dry. Is there anything I should do to help patina the tabs? Perhaps I should I try conditioning them, to at least make them more supple?

    Any and all suggestions are welcome. Thanks. :smile:
  2. After I cleaned my vachetta with a magic eraser it was very dry....I used Apple Guard leather conditioner...2-3 applications and it was good as new! Good luck!
  3. Thanks for the suggestion. I decided to try Kiwi leather conditioner and it worked quite well on the vachetta. It softened the leather and helped bring back some of the lustre. :tup: