Need help with Uggs


Apr 3, 2008
Hi everybody! Bit of an Uggcaholic here! :lol:

I have a question and would be extremely grateful for your thoughts and opinions.

If you go down a size in Uggs, wear them for a period and then find the inner sheepskin worn out and put in a new Ugg insole, do they end up being far too tight? The official Ugg insoles with the arch support do seem particularly thick. I like the idea of frequently changing the insoles to keep the boots fresh and dreamily cosy!

I have been assured that Uggs do indeed carry on stretching with several months of wear. I went a size down and found them very snug indeed at first (almost uncomfortably so) but they have stretched out and seem to now be the ideal fit. Problem is I tried the official Ugg insole in them and they were so tight I actually felt a bit sick! Will someone placate me and ensure these will indeed stretch out again in a short time? I've only worn them for a few weeks so perhaps I have not stretched them out enough yet to be putting in new insoles?

Or do you suggest not going down a size, instead getting your normal size in Uggs and putting in an insole? Will this, in effect, make the boot one size smaller and 'perfect' or after it stretches out will you be left with too large a boot in the long run?

I'm really stuck as I'm desperately keen to get more Uggs but am totally stumped on sizing!

Thanks everybody! :tup:


May 4, 2007
I don't think you can replace the insole in the Deckers Uggs only in brands such as Koolaburra


buried in bags
Jan 31, 2008
If you put a new insole overtop of the old one it would probably work, though I would be worried about it getting scrunched up inside the boot because it's not anchored by anything. I would only suggest this for the classic style, they stretch a LOT. They'd probably be snug as a bug with an insole, but not too tight.


Nov 1, 2007
Would someone please be able to authenticate these for me? I'm usually an 8-8.5 will these fit okay or are they going to be big? Secondly are they real? thanks so much!
My old one's have the hugest holes/ cracks in them. (emu brand)
I'm overdue for a new pair.

I know I'm off everything expect online shopping duties & relaxing as soon as I put my slippers on once getting home from work!


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May 2, 2006
Look on all the other sites (saks, bloomies, nordies, etc etc) I just got the corchet ones for $85 (40% off!) at saks for looking every day. My persistance finally did something haha! I wouldn't risk ebay. Try DSW too. I got a pair of classic last Aug for a lot cheaper than retail there. As for replacing the insoles, I have no idea, sorry I can't help you there!!