Need Help with True Religion Jeans

  1. I recently just purchased my first True Religion jeans from Revolve Clothing. I'm pretty sure the stuff at Revolve are real, but why did the inside of my pocket (the ass pocket, that is) come with like a piece of paper attached to the stitches? Does anyone know about this?

    Thanks alot.
  2. I'm a jeanfanatic too and some of my TR's are like that too. The paper attached inside the pocket is to help the stitching hold place I believe. Also, some of my pockets have big distressing holes, so I think it's there to help. I'm 100% sure your jeans are authentic if you bought them from Revolve.
  3. Thanks for your help! What will happen if I ripped the paper out of the pockets?? Because .. I already did to one of them.
  4. if you pulled carefully then you should be fine. normally if you pull the paper out it can pull out the stitchings from the horseshoes.

    the paper also helps stuff (like keys) from pulling on the threads when they're in your backpocket
  5. LOL I was wondering the same thing when I got my first pair of Sevens and made the mistake of pulling the paper out. Although it didn't hurt the jeans I'm sure it would've been better if I left the paper as is to protect the stitching.
  6. yeah your jeans are real...revolve is a reputable place to buy authentic clothing :smile: way to go on true religions. Hey you know what! my boyfriend was asking me about the same thing last week and wondered why that was there? i think it's because it was there to act as a pattern to sew on the know what i mean? i've seen that many times before behind logos that have stichings. i'd probably say rip it off gently if it's going to bother you in the long run because if you mess around with it too much, it might affect the outer stiching, catch my drift?