Need help with tips to get rid of odour in bag

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  1. Hello all
    I need some help please - I recent bought a used Chanel tote bag on eBay. Judging by the amount of debris on the bag (around the logo and on the stitching of the quilting) and in the pockets, I dare say the bag wasn't at all looked after by the previous owner. It may well have spent ages living under the bed without the dustcover on! The leather is still in good condition. I have given it a good wipe down. The only problem is I cannot get rid of the odour on and in the bag, not a leather smell, but the smell of old clothes. When I take the bag to work, I can smell it in the car and in the office.... I have tried airing it, wiping it, polishing it. The bag is leather lined. Any suggestions on what else I can try??

    Curious one :sad:
  2. I would put a few dryer sheets inside the bag when I'm not using it. It should reduce the smell.
  3. Many thanks for the tip but what's a dryer sheet and where can I get them?
  4. It's for the laundry - when you put clothes in the dryer the sheet reduces static cling and some sheets are scented.
  5. Maybe try removing the smell by putting an open container of baking soda inside the bag. It works wonders at removing odors from my refrigerator...
  6. I used vanilla bag candies from lovin my bags and found they worked really well at removing a very strong smoke odor from both the interior and exterior. They come in other scents but make sure you like the scent though, because it will remove the bad odor but the new scent will stick around for a while. I thought vanilla smelled great!
  7. Have you try cleaning it w/Coach's leather cleaner & moisturizer? I bought a vintage Dior and it had a 'antique' odor. So, I had a deep cleaning from inside out, every corner & ends. Then, I hanged it in my bathroom's shower pole, just right underneath the vent. I leave it there for a wk during unoccupied hrs and the odor started to fade. For about a mth, it didn't bother me anymore. How long have you let it aired? I think it's easier for the vent since it's constantly sucking up the bad odor. Hope this helps! :p
  8. I have already aired it for a week. Even tried spraying some perfume on a tissue and leaving the tissue in the bag. It didn't do much to reduce the smell. I may try leaving it in the bathroom with the window opened and the exhaust fan on. Thanks for the tip.
  9. i heard baking soda works wonders.
  10. i have a stinky bag problem too and NONE of those things (dryer sheet, airing) worked for me.
  11. i heard baking soda works wonders too. there has been a thread about this, try browsing around to see if you can find it. GL!
  12. I just bought the spice Bag Candies from Lovin'My Bags and it worked good on a smoky smelling lambskin bag. I might do another "round" with them. Lovin' My Bags also offers an Ozone Treatment that gets out most smells...don't know the price on it though.
  13. I put the bag against the window last night (it was a windy night) and it didn't work. Just bought a large box of baking soda and will try that tonight. I also bought the bag candy to try, in case the baking soda fails as well. I have to get rid of this smell somehow. It actually makes me physically sick so I can't use the bag until I get rid of it. Thanks again for all the suggestions.