need help with this please

  1. okay..I just got the vernis zippy wallet in framboise. I had just gotten the agenda in framboise also, but I loved the color so much that I decided to get the wallet. Now I need to return the I get noisette, something to offset the bright pink, or pomme? Would it look too valentine-y and bright with the pink and red together...please give me your thoughts on this...thanks much!;)
  2. I would for sure get the Pomme, that's what I am getting my agenda in!
  3. I agree Pomme is hot
  4. My favorite colors are pink and red so you know what I'm going to say....

    get Pomme!!!!
  5. I think the pomme is LUSH!
  6. You don't want matching vernis? If not, I'd go pomme.
  7. Get Pomme!!! It's one hot color :yes:
  8. Pomme!!
  9. Pomme would complement the Framboise beautifully.
  10. Pomme would look terrific with the Framboise. Pomme is such a gorgeous color!
  11. i think the colors will look nice together. great choices!
  12. i will go with Perle! It's a great color to off set vivid vernis colors.
  13. i would kick myself if i didn't have one little pomme thing. and if i didn't already have the heart (i love hearts, esp purple and black, but the red they made, the pomme, is just SO amazing) i would get it in an agenda. what a lovely color to have!
  14. Another Pomme vote here too. ;)
  15. Pomme or perle!