Need HELP with this JC clutch Please!!!

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  1. Please help me locate this lovely clutch....... . I recently saw it on and for a lesser price like under $700 (i guess cuz of the color) it was PLUM. Anyway, I tried to contacted a few Saks but no luck. I was told that there were none left in the entire country. :tdown: I'm madly inlove with this clutch........:love: If you guys see it out there, please please be kind enough and ask your SA to put it on hold and let me know. I would be more than :yahoo:. PLease help out a JC newbie :shame: TIA.:heart:

    **I found the exact pix on*****
    BGV009M_mn.jpg 0480678064915_275x275.jpg
  2. I got this clutch, the mave, in liquid plum from the Saks website for about $700. I haven't seen it anywhere else and was hoping I could get it for a lower price. I called the Jimmy Choo boutique when they started their 50% off sale and they were sold out. If I come across it I will post. Good luck on your search.
  3. Angelicious - I'm pretty sure you have pics of two different styles there. The black one pictured is the Marin, the plum liquid patent is the Mave. The Marin is about 13" wide and larger, the Mave is closer to 9-10" wide. Which one are you looking for, and in which color?
  4. THanks for the info jburgh. I wanted the Mave clutch, but I couldn't find the pix, so I attached the Marin which I found on :smile: I was told by the SA that the Mave was all sold out. I haven't try BG yet, but I would love to have either one of this JC clutch. Do you happen to see it anywhere?? If so Please let me know, or please put it on hold for me. THank you in advance for helping me.

  5. So, you are looking for the Mave in black calf?
  6. Now at BG mave plum $546
  7. I hope she gets it! :tup:
  8. OMG, I missed it :sad: Logon too late :sad: Hopefully another one pops out again............arrrrg. Thanks hanei and _bella_.
  9. Awwww, I'm so sorry for you. :sad: I'll keep my fingers crossed for another one. :tup: