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  1. I purchased this purse from a yard sale, I want to sell it online but really can't tell if it is authentic. I have read lots about Gucci and still can't tell.

    The owner of the purse sold it because the zipper had torn and she didn't want to pay replacement cost.
    I had it replaced so the zipper is not original.
    There was a little Gucci gold emblem hanging from the zipper but she kept that for herself.
    Some of what I have read fall into the authentic category, while other things on the purse just don't seem like Gucci style.
    I know there are many purse professionals out there so I am asking for your help.
    I Thank You now for what advice and knowledge you provide later.
    Since I can't figure out how to post the photos here, I will just provide my link. Photos are under GUCCI PURSE
    Picasa Web Albums - Wolfmaster Harry

  2. You should post this in the Gucci forum -- you'll get a quicker answer there. Good luck!
  3. Sorry, but the purse is fake.
  4. all authenticity questions must be posted in that designer Forum's Authenticate This! sticky we provide.
    Please visit the Gucci Forum.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.