need help with this dress

  1. ok newport news had this dress and i really wanted but sold out and it was on clearance so you know what that means they wontbe getting back in .
    can anyone find me a dress similar to this
    any help i get i really appreciate
    thanks :smile:
    the dress is like strapless and like a tube top i think it made of cotton
    dont know how else to describe i t so heres a pic
  2. I can't find a white dress similar to what you're looking for but found a white strapless dress so will post a pic anyway :smile:







    handprinted gold peacock feathers on pencil halter dress.

    mostly cotton with a little bit of lycra, to stretch where you want it to!

    this can be worn as a criss crossed halter, straight halter, strapless dress, or skirt!

    all depends on how you tie it and how creative you want to get!

    size m 4-6 chest 32-34 waist 27-28

    these are sizes in inches. as these are new i'm just trying out a few sizes in different colors, if they do well, i'll have more sizes avail. just email me if you're interested in different sizing.

    this is a new pretty spring thing!
  3. Lovely dress!