need help with this badgley mischka gown!

  1. does anyone know how much this gown costs? and where can i purchase it online (already tried eBay and the badgley mischka site)...thanks!
  2. Oh my, that is a lovely dress!!

    Saks sells some Badgley Mischka pieces, but I am not sure if they would carry this dress. Since you don't know the name of the gown, your best bet would be to print out a picture and take it into a boutique, if you can.

    Neiman Marcus also sells BM pieces, as does Bloomingdales.
  3. I can't help you sorry, but it is a gorgeous dress, i hope you can find it!
  4. I hope they have the color that i want.

    thank you so so so much!!!!! :biggrin:
  5. You're welcome. I hope they have it. :yes:
  6. are you sure it's the same dress? The straps on the first dress are very thin, and it doesn't have ruffles like the second one.