Need help with thesis, mob mentality, ethics and the internet

  1. Hi,
    Normally a big lurker. Have only posted about a few situations, that really get to me, people being insensitive, judgemental, cruel. The reason I do so, is I am very involved in writing my thesis paper on the anonymous nature of the internet / boards, blogs, etc making people modify there ethics and common kindness. People 'saying' things on the internet, that they would never say in real life.

    Today, a situation occured on one the boards that is perfect for a case study. Since I don't want to exasperate that situation, I realized it would be easier to pose some general questions.

    TIA to any taking the time to answer them :smile:

    How often do you post to an internet public board or blog?
    Do you find yourself quicker to judge on the internet?
    Do you find you agree with negative posts quickly?
    Or do you play 'devil's' advocate?
    Do you ever consider other's feeling before you post?
    Or does the anonymous nature of the internet allow you to say things you would never dream of IRL?
    Do you have feel any guilt or remorse over a post?
    Do you think if a person posts on a public forum, then they are 'fair' game?
    Or does some common courtesy still apply?