Need help with the XL Borough

Apr 25, 2007
Plantsville, CT
Hey girls - I saw picture on the wall in the back of the registers of the Coach model wearing a large reddish brown suede bag crossbody and thought it would make an awesome fall bag! I have finally found out what it is. It is an XL 32541 Soft Suede Borough in the port with edge stain. I went to the store and actually was able to see a Large one in the greyish color. So here are my questions. It's hard to imagine this bag given it's construction ever being as "feel axed" as it looks on the model even if it's an XL? It's just a double layered leather that's really a constructed design? Also it looked brownish in the pics - does anyone know what color the port actually is in a suede fabric? I really appreciate your insight as this would be a gift. Thanks ladies!
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Jun 15, 2009
I saw the same pic at my outlet yesterday - looks brown to me but does not look like it has alot of structure.


Jul 25, 2008
I spent some time loving the suede at my store with my stuff in her. No structure at all. I typically couldn't carry off a large structured Borough due to my height, but the lack of structure made it quite doable. Hope that helps,