Need help with the NOE! Is this pattern still available? nB. have used pfer pics

  1. Hey!

    I was browsing the clubhouse pages when I came across these two BEAUTIFUL noes.
    I'm aware that they are quite an old style, I'm wondering if they are still available? I can't find them on the UK LV website. Also, just to make sure, is it the denim line? I can't find it, and I love the rose/red one sooo much :hysteric:

    How much do they retail for?

    Please help!!!! :confused1:

    Photos courtesy of Noe Clubhouse on Purse Forum
    noe1.jpg noe2.jpg
  2. im pretty sure they are both the mini monogram line and they are discontinued and replaced with the mini lin line
  3. oh no... :sad: can anyone confirm this? So my only chances r eBay?
  4. ONLY eBay! yes they are discontinued.
  5. you can still score on eBay!