Need help with the name....

  1. Hi everyone..

    Can someone help me out with the name or style of this bag? I will do my best to describe it and will try to take a pic this evening...

    It's a bigger bucket type of bag...comes in leather (the leather is kinda smooth but tougher)..has silver hardware.. the bag is shaped like a V at the top so when you put stuff in it, it goes down and creates a crease at the top under the handles. On the botton of the two handles where it attaches to the body of the bag there is Gucci written in small letters on the silver hardware.

    The bottom is smooth and round which allows you to sit it down and it will stand on it's own.

    Any takers??? I brought it about 8 years ago so it's kinda old and I want to sell it but don't have a name, etc.

  2. why dont you post a pic?
  3. Maybe the shopper tote?
  4. It could be an eclipse or charmy tote but I'm not sure if they made either one 8 yrs ago.
    I attached a picture below of a charmy tote is that what it looks like?
    gucci big charmy tote detail.jpg