Need Help with the Greens!!!

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  1. Experts in Bbags color, please help! I'm thinking of getting my very first Bbag and I know that I want it to be green, but unfortunately, since I haven't seen any of the colors in person, only on the computer screen, I'm having a hard time imagining exactly how the color really looks like. There's so many variation of greens, so please help. Can someone give a good description of these green colors:

    Vert Gazon
    Apple Green

    Which of these greens would you say is the best color for the "First" Bbag?:confused1:
  2. I have a Sapin Box and I would describe it as a forrest green. To my surprise it is very pretty but I would say a seafoam or Olive would be my favorite greens! Make sure and post pics when you get it! CONGRATS!:yahoo:
  3. I don't have Green b/c I am boring :p , but if I did I would get either:

    Vert Gazon
  4. Apple green is best described as lime green!!! Hope this helps
  5. Vert Gazon is also known as grass green because it is very vibrant like new sprouts of grass in the spring.
  6. I like the First in bright colors...........grass green (VG), Apple, and Pistachio.
  7. Vert Gazon - Very bright green with a fair amount of yellow. Chuggie pegged it, new sprouts of green grass. It's beautiful, and bright!
    Sapin - Dark, forest green.
    Emerald - It's darker than the Vert Gazon, not as yellow based, and it looks like it's lit from within. It's far more subtle than Vert Gazon, but still noticable.
    Origan - Seriously, go to your kitchen cupboard, get out your Oregano and sprinkle it on a plate. That is what Origan looks like : ) I believe Zacorey said this and I looked at a baggie of Oregano for a while trying to decide, and when my Origan arrived, bingo. Right on the money. My husband was wondering what the baggie on the table was : )
    Olive - haven't seen.
    Apple Green - haven't seen.
    Pistachio - It really does look like the nut. It is another yellow green.
    Seafoam - Seafoam is definitely green, but has a fair amount of blue in it. It's stunning with the pewter hardware.

    Let us know what you decide.

    I wish you well,

  8. Oh and another thing. Search the forum for posts on the colours and look at all the pictures. They are probably all correct in depicting the colour! Balenciaga leather changes so much depending on the light, the bag may look to be two different colours, and IRL, it will be the same.

    I wish you well,

  9. Seafoam is my favorite :yes: but I think it's very rare to find one - and if you do it's prob. been used :sad: I think it's sooo pretty though!
  10. Thanks Bridget! You're description helps a lot. I'm trying to decide between Vert Gazon and Origan. How do you like your Origan vs. Vert Gazon? Which of these colors is best on the "First"?:confused1: Which one is more attractive and would go more with different outfits? Oh, how I wish I can see both of them in person so I can compare and decide for sure.
  11. Bridget S has described the colours so well :yes:

    My personal fav is Origan closely followed by Sapin :heart: But they are both more muted, neutral greens so if you want impact then Vert Gazon or Apple Green are stunning!
  12. I would choose Origan to wear with more neutral colours and the brown family, khakis, all look fabulous with Origan. If you use more primary colours, greys, black, whites, I would go with Vert Gazon.

    I wish you well,

  13. Well, some of the colors on your list are quite old and would be very difficult to find so perhaps you can narrow it down to a few "attainable" colors?

    Here's Vert Gazon Brief...



  14. Here's 06 Origan Twiggy :

  15. Ohhhhh! I :heart: LOVE:heart: your Origan!