Need help with the classic flap with lion head??

  1. I sure hope I'm posting this in the right area. I went to a very evil place (aka NM BH chanel boutique) yesterday and fell in love with a black (distressed) classic flap with some killer modern chain effect...but the best part was the lion head ornament over the clasp. The SA showed me this bag in black and light question is does anyone know what other colors this bag will come in? Would love it if it came in dark silver or bronze? STill can't get over how delicious this bag was!:drool:
  2. I was just looking at this bag in Short Hills Mall Chanel....they had it in a gold/silver rubbed looking leather. I was going to buy it, but I felt that the CC on the lions head stuck out oo much, and that I'd get it caught on my clothing......other than that, this is one hot bag!!!!!!

    The silver/gold i saw was stunning, and what I liked best was that is was both silver and gold, but was very rich looking.....a real beauty!!!
  3. I saw a light gold distressed in South Coast Plaza. The leather is simple pretty & very thick. I love the chain laces around the perimeter of the bag. I purchased the the black version & returned the next day. My family think it's a bit gothic for me because of the lion head closure and that why I returned it. Other than that it's was a special piece to own!
  4. ^^that light gold/silver distressed one must have been the same one I saw (I wasn't sure if it was gold or silver--guess it's both!). I would have been more tempted had the metallic been a darker color as I am trying to resist buying yet another black bag!
  5. I was at NM BH last Friday and saw that bag - very interesting - but not for me....did you get a price on it????

    I saw it in the case but didn't bother to ask about it - I was too jazzed picking up my red Madison.:yahoo:
  6. ^^i think it was 2325?? ooh we want pix of you with the red madison!!
  7. ldldb ^^i think it was 2325?? ooh we want pix of you with the red madison!!

    Yeah, I am behind on taking some pictures - maybe Friday I will get a chance and then post them Monday or so. Lazy me...:sad:

    $2325....hmmmm, I thought it would be more - not like that is not expensive enough - just figured since it was very unique they would tap the well dry on that bag's price tag....
  8. Oooh, I have to get myself to Short Hills to see this bag, sounds beautiful!!!:smile: