Need help with the chyc clutch

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  1. I am interested in the fushia chyc clucth. Has anyone seen it in person or has a spy picture of it? How does its size compare to belle de hour (11')?
    I also want to get a Large patent Belle De Jour, What do you think, Black or Navy?
    And just wondering if Saks carry chyc clutch at all?

  2. I've seen the fuschia patent chyc clutch. It had a linen look to it and was gorgeous! I think if you can work it into your wardrobe then it is a great buy. In fact, its a great buy even if you can't work it into your wardrobe - just build around it :P

    As for the BDJ clutch it depends on which you'd get the most wear from. Do you have another black clutch? If not, a black clutch will go a long way. I tend to try to buy everything other than black but will buy black when the bag sings to me. So, I say, think about which you'll use most and get it.

    Good luck!