Need help with the AWFUL sagging on my luggage :(

  1. Hi everyone!

    Yesterday I was looking through the Céline forum, and I read a lot about everyone's issues with the sagging of our beloved Céline bags, but I honestly feel like mine is the worst of all :sad:
    And, as if it isn't hard enough to have seen my luggage become like this (see photo's), now I'm just afraid my other Célines (phantom & trapeze) will end up like this as well! As you can see on the photo's they are starting to 'bubble' a bit as well...
    So please, help!!
    I take good care of my bags and don't use my Célines very often (I think they're too heavy) so I don't feel like I deserve to have my bags sagging and looking bad... My Balenciaga bags all look like new and I use them much more!

    I store my phantom and trapeze hanging, so there is no weight pushing them down, and my luggage hasn't been used for months and is always stuffed with a big pillow. I did buy it second hand and I realised afterwards the big crease in the front was happening then already. Guess I didn't notice right away because of all the excitement.

    What should I do?! Will they eventually all look like this? Are Céline bags just not for me if I don't like them looking saggy and creased?

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  2. Yikes. I usually love a soft saggy look on Balenciagas and birkins, but because of the structure of these bags, it does sort of take away from the look. Can you stuff them into shape and leave them for a while?
  3. Exactly! I don't mind saggy bags, but some bags look great saggy (like Balenciaga bags) and some just don't... A structured bag usually looks better when it stays structured imo.

    The blue luggage I haven't used in months now and it's stuffed with a big pillow so the bag is totally filled up. Doesn't seem to do ANYTHING. I should probably just sell, but I love the colour so much.. :crybaby:
  4. I honestly don't think there's anything you can do! Suede do tend to wear pretty fast!
  5. Maryna Linchuk told me a trick once about leather. It's skin although it's dead, it still has similar chemical reaction. Put it in the freezer. it should stiffen and shrink a bit. She does it to her leather pants

    I would suggest making it into shape then putting it in a freezer.
  6. I would advise against putting your handbag in a freezer. Leather doesn't hold up in extreme cold temperatures, it can kind of dry the leather out.

    I'm sorry your bags have sagged, but like MDNA mentioned, I don't think there's anything you can do as suede tends to sag and wear pretty fast.
  7. I'm sorry this is happening to your bags, how annoying! I totally understand your frustration. Sagging is very common with suede bags but not sure why your Trapèze has a crease already.

    And as for putting a Céline in the freezer, I would be way too scared to do that!
  8. I would have absolutely no idea how to ever fit my luggage in my freezer, lol! I would try it, but as smashinstyle said, I don't wanna risk ruining the leather...

    I'm just wondering why my luggage is sagging in such an ugly way. Other people's luggages sag too but they don't look as bad, it seems!
    Anyway, I've just ordered an all-leather trapeze, so I will probably sell the one I have now. If I ever find another great blue Céline luggage I will replace it too, I guess I shouldn't have gone for suede! Though the all leather bags seem to sag as well, eventually... Ah well... Don't have much choice but to accept it. But if anyone know some kind of trick to make my bags look better PLEASE let me know!
  9. Make sure to post some pictures of your new Trapèze! :smile:
  10. Maybe a handbag organizer would help avoid sagging and maybe restore some shape to your bag? I've been using an organizer with my Luggage and it hasn't sagged at all, but that could also have something to do with the type of leather, etc. I'm not sure what else you could do other than that. You could always try one and see if it'll help smooth out the creases and sagging. I personally use a Samorga and have mine double lined so it's super sturdy.
  11. OP, I've been looking at your pics for a few days (in lurk mode, sowwy) and I am wondering about your Luggage.

    Can someone please help me understand something? The front panel of OP's bag has suede on the face and then it is lined on the back with leather for an all-leather interior, right? (OP, is your interior leather?)

    Is there some sort of material in between the suede and the leather, like a piece of cardboard (or something fancier)? If so, could whatever adhesive Celine used to adhere the suede to the middle material have just stopped holding things together? Could that be why part of the suede is sagging?

    I hope my question is not too ill-explained to be understood.
  12. I totally understood. The suede should be bonded/glued to another piece of leather. I think some of that adhesive has already dried out. I don't think it is salvageable other than to use a bag insert but that bubbling won't go away. I experienced it with my leather-lined cabas.
  13. Can she send it in to Celine to have it repaired? If it really is due to glue that became undone? Explanation makes total sense.
  14. Hi, who is OP? I kinda understand what you are talking about but I would like to see pictures... I don't think it's applicable to my luggage though, as it is just the suede itself thats sagging, I don't feel like there's anything else that could be wrong on the inside... (the inside leather doesn't sag along, and I don't feel anything inbetween tbh)