Need help with stylenr

  1. I talked to the Heathrow store the other day about some bags, and when I asked them if they had a Jumbo flap in Caviar w/sh she didn't know which one i ment. I think she got confused and thought I ment the reissue or something. To make it easy for her I thought I give her the stylenr instead so if you have the stylenr for this two bags i would really appreciate it

    1) GST w/sh
    2) Jumbo flap in Black caviar w/sh
  2. I bump this up since I need to call her tomorrow. Anyone?
  3. GST: A20995Y01588
    Jumbo with new chain: A35192 Y01588
    Jumbo with old chain: A28600Y01588

    For Jumbo with old chain, there is no code for hardware specific so you need to tell SA you want silver hardware.
  4. katie123 thank you :flowers:
  5. You're very welcome and good luck :smile: