Need help with Sky Blue, Electric Blue & Electric Turquoise

Jan 31, 2007
So I went nuts after seeing Erica's amazing list of bags and ordered a bunch, including these three colors. I looked through the color reference library and searched the forum, and I'm still confused as to how these three colors look in comparison to each other.

So I'm wondering if anybody has a comparison shot of these colors so I can get a better idea of these colors?

I'm getting the Sky Blue and Electric Turquoise in GGH City, and EB GSH Day. Do you guys think they might be too close to each other?

I already have a Blue Layette GCH Work. Is Sky blue close to Blue Layette?

Thanks a lot!

Nancy in VA

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Aug 21, 2006
Sarasota, Florida
I was just asking her about the Sky blue - it was still on the list last night. Oh well - Does anyone know what year Sky blue is from? I am curious.

Nevermind - I notice it is in the 2008 SS Main - but I see the card says agneau - I thought it was goat?
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Jan 31, 2007
Ummm... My post got moved again and I don't get it. Other posts asking for help with colors didn't get moved (like the one about red) . So why should mine be moved here?