Need help with sizing

  1. Just wondering if someone can help me with sizing. I am thinking of getting a toki long sleeve t-shirt or hoodie. I wonder how small is size S? I usually wear size 8 Australian. I am not sure what it is in US size though.
    If someone can post a pic of size S and M hoodie, it will be really helpful. TIA
  2. I don't think pictures will help you at all, I've been having the same problem.

    I read somewhere that the size S bust is 19" and the M is 20", I figured it's best to go by this and hope the rest kinda falls into place.
    Just measure one of your hoodies to see how much is it from armpit to armpit, and get the same ?
  3. I might have to do that....
    So hard when there are no shop that sells tokis in our country right snoopa?
  4. All I have to say about toki shirts is that they are smaller or they run small. I'm not saying don't get your regular size, but they just run a bit small.
  5. maro888 - High5 for poor people who don't have any tokidoki stores around! :wlae:

    I heard someone's going to bring Lesportsac to Israel, but I'm not sure they're gonna bring any tokidoki.

    Jess- It's too weird, all my tokidoki tees are size M, 2 are HUGE and the other 3 are tiny, especially around the chest, and I'm not too big in that department. :push:
    Seems like the fabric is a bit differnt as well, it doesn't stretch and sag like the bigger ones, but that's not a positive thing.
  6. Yes, the fabric on them are different. The $32 ones are a lil more stretchy I think. The all-over print one is made out of some kind of harder material and was tighter and didn't give much on me. Ah, so what are you going to do about your shirts? Lol. Not like you can return them :sad: that sucks.
  7. All 5 of them are the 32$ ones, I don't like the allover print ones, are they even 100% cotton? I'm anal about that since I got like 15 50-50belnd tees and they are too hot to wear and not very comfortable.

    They all fit, it's just that the bigger ones look better, and the tiny ones look a bit snug, but since they ARE cotton they're gonna stretch pretty fast I hope, even though they seem to be more 'firm'.
  8. maro888, i got a long sleeved shirt and i'm from sydney, so i know how deprived of tokidoki you are! anyway, i'm usually a size 10/M; 34", and i got a large. it fit perfectly (not tight or swimming in it either). with the long sleeved shirt, it's a good idea to get one size bigger than you normally do, because it's very thin, and you must wear a singlet underneath..
    I've had sooo many compliments since I wore it too!! The patches are just of the finest quality!!i love it heaps!!!!:jammin: