Need help with shoes in lucky mag spring/summer 06

  1. I'm hoping that someone will have the backstock of lucky mags (I don't think that the library has issues dating back far enough) or know of the shoes that I'm looking for.

    Last summer I ordered shoes that were profiled there--they were $50-$60, cork wedge sandals. The pair shown was a black slingback, but they come in many styles, colors and patterns. In the magazine, they were shown on a woman (asian, I think) at like an art gallery or something. They are made in Germany, and were available on a specific website, not Zappos or Amazon.

    I love the shoes, but the name brand has worn off, and my google searches have come up empty.

  2. Hmm, I have no clue what shoes you could be talking about. Maybe you could post a pic of the one you currently have??? That might be able to help.