Need help with shoes for this dress

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  1. Hello, all. I need your help! I am wearing this Vince dress to a wedding at the end of the month. I am completely stumped on shoes. I was thinking maybe a shiny, deep red shoe, but can't find anything I like. Any and all suggestions from this fashionable group will be much appreciated! :smile: Tia.

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  2. I'd actually try and find something in a similar colour, a nice strappy sandal. There are so many gold sandals at the moment it shouldn't be too difficult to find something
  3. Thanks, Mooks. I tried finding a tonal shoe, but the dress is not as gold as it looks. It's more of a champagne color, maybe a little darker. It's weird, but none of the gold shoes I've seen work with the coloring of the dress.
  4. I wore a red satin peep toe shoe from Steve Madden...the picture doesn't do it justice and its not this bright...its a much deeper red...


    I think a deep red would look fabulous with your dress...which by the way i :heart:

    If it helps...i'm the one wearing the red shoes... :yes:

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  5. Angel's suggestion really works! I think you'd need a matching bag to pull it together
  6. That dress is gorgeous!
  7. I think angelchick looks gorgous with the champagne and deeper red combination.. it looks stylish but classy too :yes:

    you would need a red bag to match, for sure!
  8. Angel - You and your friends look so pretty! I think I am going to go with the dark red shoe ... just have to find the perfect match.

    And, I LOVE the Jimmy Choos that heavunlydevil posted from saks! I am resisting because I would like a shoe that I can wear with this champagne dress and another light grey silk dress I have as well. Please post any other shoes you think might look good with the dress! Thanks so much.
  9. I think turquoise shoes with matching accessories would look great, too.
  10. Thank you so much Ladies...I tried to look my best that day :yes:

    As pursemania suggested...a turquoise shoe would fit that dress perfectly too!
  11. ^^ They would work!
  12. I agree, I think a shiny, satin red would look nice.

    I also think bronze and silver would both look better than gold with this shade, actually.