Need help with selecting a Vernis bag please

  1. Hi girls and guys! I am thinking of getting a Vernis bag, but I am not sure which one to get. I own a Lavender Reade PM and recently got a Pomme Roxbury. The Roxbury is a beautiful bag, but I am not in a fond of the opening, so she is going back. :crybaby: Now, I need another beauty to replace my Roxbury so I won't miss her that much. :sos: Please help with your suggestions/ opnions. Thank you!
  2. Try the Brentwood, I have it in the Pomme and it's not only an easy to use bag - tote like, but with a zipper, but eye catching in that color as well. I love it!
    web pomme4.JPG
  3. I agree with the Brentwood! And Queenmab's pics are fabulous :smile:

  4. Could you please post pics modeling the bag? Thanks.
  5. You could get another Reade! I just got one in the Pomme and I love it so much. I am even thinking about getting another Reade in the new Amarante color if it is as stunning as it sounds!
  6. I like my Biscainne Bay.
  7. Here's the Brentwood on me - forgive the fact that I have no neck in the picture, but I love the bag.
    me brent.jpg
  8. There aren't many Vernis bags that I really like... Roxbury, Bedford and Malibu Street... too bad you didn't like the opening of the Roxbury :sad:
  9. Thanks for the picture. The Pomme color is very pretty.
  10. I am afraid it is going to crease around the opening area after a while. I just read another thread about the new white epi color. Should I get an Epi bag instead of Vernis? Thoughts? I am very indecissive. :sad:
  11. Brentwood!
  12. I want a Malibu, so I think you should get one. :biggrin:
  13. Brentwood or Bedford!
  14. I like the Houston or the Brentwood.
  15. I think I am going to go Bedford...not sure yet. Not to crazy about the vernis styles, but I still want one in pomme!