Need help with Sears issue.


Oct 5, 2006
Last months we went to Sears to purchased new appliances for our remodeled kitchen. Opened a Sears Master card so we can save 5% since the purchased is $1700.00. On my way home i realized that the sales lady have the wrong date for delivery , so i call her and ask if she can have it change to an earlier date,no problems she said. A couples date later i got 2 re-ring receipt from her and the correct delivery date so i was happy. We end up send most of the item back and only kept the wall oven and purchased the rest of the appliances on a later date on my Discover card. Last week got my statements from Sears Master card and i was being charge for both transactions since the sales lady forgot to cancel the first sale when she re-ring the merchandised on two separate receipt that she send to me by mail. The re-ring sale and the return credit look correct. So right now i am being charge $1700.00 for the first sale check that should have been cancel but didn't. Went in and talked to Yolanda my sales person at Sears and she really no help and i have all the receipt. Talked to Sears master card and i think it owned by Citi bank they told me it might takes 3 billings statement to clear and i still have to paid the charge until it clear. Any inputs or suggestions so i can clear this mess asap is greatly appreciate. I already paid of the amounts of the wall oven that i kept from them. Now only left is the charge that not supposed to be there left.


Dec 27, 2005
Do not pay a penny towards the charge for items you were recharged for.
First of all there was no delivery of these items-if so you would have had to sign for them and there would be a delivery record from Sears. I would put everything in writing and forget about phone calls. They do not help. Contact corporate and annoy people, do not let them try to rip you off. Saying it may take 3 credit card statements is crap. You deserve credit now with no excuses.
Good luck.


Mar 29, 2006
It sounds like they all were delivered but you only kept one and returned the others. You should have a receipt indicating the credit for the returns. Did you not get one?

Just march in to the customer relations office, don't deal with the salesperson, and calmly but clearly explain that you were incorrectly not credited your returns on that new Sears card, and you should not be responsible for those charges. Be prepared to show your proof of the Discovery card purchase of those appliances. They will want to see it, otherwise they can't know that you paid in another way.

Do not yield until you get the credit. You are not paying for something returned.


Feb 15, 2011
Massachusetts USA
I agree that you should push the credit card customer service reps to challenge those charges, flag them as unauthorized so they're reversed.

However - if you absolutely cannot get them to do that and they 100% insist that the charges will stick for three cycles - I advise you to pay the minimum balance required until they resolve it. It would be unfortunate if that was the outcome but you do not want to get into credit history dings. Is that fair? No. But avoiding the hit your credit score may take is worth the concession, IMO.