Need help with SA recommendation

  1. Dear Ladies,

    Would anyone be so kind to pm me with a name of a great SA in Madison store? I would like to find one with a great product knowledge.
    I will be in New York soon only for a couple of days and won't have a chance to approach the different SAs to find the best...
    Thank you in advance:yes:
  2. Calling our NY members!!!
  3. Just Pm'ed you.
  4. I have the same need. I am going to NY soon and would appreciate a recommendation.
  5. Thank you HG,
    You are very kind! and fast...:yes:

  6. PM'ed you Pampered.
  7. Thank you so much!
  8. Any chance I can get one too? Will be heading to NYC & Boston over President's weekend.
  9. HG, Can you pm me the name of sa in Madison store ? thanks.