Need help with S lock!!!

  1. I bought a used Suhali bag. It's in great condition and I love it but I'm not sure if the S lock is working properly. Those who have bags with S locks, when you're trying to open the bag, do both of your "bolts" (those two little things that you move in order to open the lock) move? It makes sense if both move, right, since there are two of them? Only one of mine moves. And the other does not move at all (not even slightly). The lock still opens but it takes a bit of force to actually lift the top part. Is it broken??? :crybaby:

    Does anyone have a picture of the bottom part of the S lock when it's open? I really appreciate it!!!! Thank you.
  2. only one of those "bolts" should move...i'll take a picture of my lock once i get a chance...:smile:
  3. Only 1 of the bolts move. Its the first (left) one and it moves inward towards to the other (right) one.

    I remember when I first got my l'aimable, I struggled with opening it for almost an hour :hrmm: and then finally I figured it out! I still have a hard time opening it up though :cursing:
  4. Here's a pic.
  5. just squeeze both of the bolts towards center w/right hand, and use your left hand to remove the top strap :yes: it took me a while to get used to of my le fab :lol:
  6. Thank you!!! I was worried that it was broken!!! I'm so relieved now! Thank you very much!
  7. It's like that too with my Speedy Murakami....only one of the bolts moves. The stationary bolt is for you to hold on to while moving the movable one.