Need HELP with Returning a chanel bag, pleeeaseee

  1. This!!
  2. What really makes things complicated (and illegal) is when you don't use the correct amount. If the item is lost, you can not get the full amount back from insurance because you under-declared the value. If it gets inspected by customs the package will get held up because it was under declared (maybe even declared as a faux/counterfeit bag because a Chanel bag is much more $$$ than $100). So not declaring the correct value can maked things more complicated for both parties.
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    You HAVE to mark it up as its actual value plus insurance and signature confirmation. I've spoke to PayPal several times and they said if you want your money back safely, you have to declare the item with its actual value that you paid for (shipping included if you paid for shipping it's recommended), and mark as returned merchandise on the form. You can get in trouble and have a higher risk if you don't do this. If you're worried the seller might deduct your refund because of customs fees, call PayPal and let them know the situation. They will advise you better on this, but they will tell you that it is the seller's responsibility to pay customs on returned items, to tell you to insure it with signature confirmation and to declare its full value. Mark as returned merchandise on the form since you bought it from a seller. If seller deducts the refund amount because she has to pay for customs, that is her problem NOT yours. She's not allowed to do that and cannot. You DON'T pay for customs. I promise you.
  4. She won't be able to deduct the custom fees. There is no option in eBay to refund less than the original amount. Only refund in full.
  5. 'Tis true. Totally forgot about that.

  6. Agree here... ship it back as suggested above and if you have any

    questions, call eBay/paypal... you really should follow the suggested

    way of handling this... there is money at stake here...
  7. Glad you agreed. :smile:
  8. Don't take that chance! Declare the full value.