Need Help with Reference Library ? Please!!

  1. Can anyone please tell me what color reissue Jessica Alba has in Celeb's with Chanel? I absolutely love that color and I don't think it is dark silver, is it? Also, is it a 227? TIA for you help!
  2. Give a link
  3. I think you're talking about the Dark Gold Reissue.
  4. It's dark gold from prefall 2006. It looks like the 227 to me.
  5. Thanks Rica!

    Sorry, I am not sure how to give a link. It is pic 531 on the last page.
  6. Thanks Mon! Appreciate the help. :yes:
    I bet it is impossible to find this now.
  7. Especially now that I have seen about 4-5 new posts started about this particular bag.:p