Need help with purchasing Ipod Nano

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  1. When it comes to Ipods, I don't know anything. Can someone please tell me what comes in the box, and what accessories I'll definitely need? I'll be loading it up with musics from CDs, downloading from music, videos, and podcasts from Itunes.
  2. they're pretty much 'plug and play,' as we say at work (best buy). If you want to listen to it in your car, you'll need a car adapter for it. I'd also recommend some kind of case to keep away scratches and things. If you want to work out with it, get an armband. if you want to plug it into the wall to charge instead of into your computer, you can buy a wall charger.
  3. What about a dock and USB cable for my computer? Exactly, what comes in the box?

    I live in a small town and will be buying it online. Wal-Mart doesn't carry them.
  4. i don't have a nano because i think with the price, i'd rather get the video one :P
    but i think it comes with the same box set which consist of a sleeve, earphone, usb cable.

    i suggest to get a dock, it's a good investment and more stabile during charging.
  5. Mine came with the nano, ear phones and the USB cable and that's it. I need to buy the wall charger because it's a PITA plugging it into the computer every time I want to charge it.
  6. what comes in the box:
    Your iPod (duh)
    Some ok quality earbuds (best to use your own headphones)
    Software (iTunes and for the iPod)
    The USB cable
    The plastic cradle (useless without the dock)
    Some Apple stickers

    The older ones (I used to have a 3rd gen) came with a wall charger. They took them out, and that pisses me off. One more thing to invest in.
  7. Everything that you NEED is in the box. You can charge just fine with the USB cable. I don't bother with the car charger anymore, my current iPod (and I have owned SEVERAL) lasts for a long time without a charge. I put it on the cradle about every other day to update my podcasts, and I keep it in my jacket pocket otherwise. A case is fine if you are concerned about scratches. I keep my older iPod with video in a fitted case, I keep my iPod Touch in a Coach wristlet.

    I use my older Ipod almost exclusively for podcasts, my favorites are:

    MacBreak Weekly
    This Week in Tech
    Left, Right & Center (KCRW)
    Science Friday (NPR)
    Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me (NPR)

    It really makes commuting much more tolerable.
  8. I just bought one today, I bought directly from my local Apple store.
    Mine didn't come w/ any software though.
    When you plug it in, your PC will recognize it. Go to the Apple/itunes website and register it so you can start using it.
    I bought an FM tuner remote so I can use it at the gym. My gym has T.V's lined up w/ FM stations listed under them, I wanted to be able to tune into the T.V.s there.