Need help with purchase...any Alexandra's out there?

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  1. If you read my other know I need to return my gunmetal metallic Alex tomorrow....its hoo...

    I was in love with it and didn't really have any 2nd I don't know what to exchange it for tomorrow....i know...hard choice...:smile:

    but...I am leaning towards the Alex in another color or the Kristen Pleated Leather...

    does anyone have pics or modeling shots of these?? what would you pick?
  2. I had the same problem and returned my gunmetal Alexandra last week. I was was such a pretty bag but it just won't hold up. I ended up exchanging for a large Kristin hobo in black and I just love this bag. I also have the large Alexandra in berry which is a great bag too. I'm sure you'll find something there that you'll love. Let us know what you come with with!

  3. I love the Alex you use this as a purse or a tote?? I thought it was a big bag even for me
  4. I keep getting confused because the Alex is a different bag from Alexandra. LOL!!

    I think if you want a different color Alexandra then you'll be safe. It seems that the gunmetal is the only one having issues. Did you see the silver Alexandra? I know those have already gone to the outlets and you can get one for a really good price.
  5. I love my berry Alexandra. It's really big!
  6. I have the Acorn and I love the rich beautiful brown color. The berry is also gorgeous.
  7. sorry...didn't know there was an Alex bag...

    I am talking about the Alexandra bag:P....the acorn is really pretty in your it !!
  8. I had the silver metallic for 2 months, I returned it because the bottom corner edges statred wearing off. The rest of the bag was holding up well though. I paid full price less pce. But that was still to much if you have to baby the bag. However if I find it at the outlet, I will probably buy it and save it for special occasions
  9. I got the Berry Alexandra..the same size as the metallic. I really like it !!

    Is there a quicker way to post pics from my iphone that saving them to a site like flicker or something?
    how do you all post pics from your phone?

    thanks :biggrin:
  10. I have the Acorn and the Berry and love them both!!
  11. I just got a blue patent and a studded op art at my outlet today. :yahoo:
  12. I just got the embossed croc lilac and apple green today.
  13. I have the Acorn large Alexandra and I love her! She is comfortable on the shoulder and holds a lot. I got mine during PCE last month, and now wish that I had ordered the berry one also.
  14. I love my acorn Alexandra. Perfect for fall!
  15. Congrats on the berry Alexandra! That's a great color.

    Yeah, in the last couple of years Coach has used the names Lexi, Alexa, Alex and Alexandra for different bags and lines of bags. It's too confusing when they reuse names or use such similar ones only a few months apart. They really should invest in a name your baby book. :P