Need Help with pricing/bid!!

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  1. Hi Everyone,
    I've searched the LV site to see if this information was available anywhere, and I couldn't find anything, so I apologize if I missed it!
    I'm currently in a bidding process for an LV Suhali le Fabuleux in GOLD (yes, gold!!!:yahoo:) on ebay.
    Way back when this bag came out, I tried to get it in an LV store but just missed the last one sold. I asked the salesperson how much it was and she said $2500. I verified with her that the Gold color didn't cost any more than the other colors and she said that it didn't. I'm trying to verify that this bag DID NOT sell for more than 2500.00 in the LV stores because I want to make sure that the offer I make is not excessive.
    At the same time, I don't want to insult the seller by bidding to low!
    I hope this makes sense. I would really like to get this bag, but I'm having to sell other items to raise the money, so I definitely don't want to pay more than necessary!!
    Any help is greatly appreciated!!
  2. The only one on ebay right now is priced at double the price you have quoted. I have no idea what they sold for in store when they were available but there aren't that many sellers that will accept a 50% offer.

    You might be better off asking the seller what they are expecting to achieve for the bag.
  3. I've been researching what the metallic version of this bag sold for in MINT condition, and the Silver metallic has sold from 2900-3500, so the price on ebay seems excessive to me. Any other thoughts from anyone?
  4. I don't, for one minute, disagree with you that 5k+ is too expensive but you were also concerned about offending the seller with a low offer. My point was that it's unlikely that a seller who priced at 5k would accept the 2.5k retail price offer which is what you seemed to indicate you wanted to pay.

    I think if you really want the bag then offer the seller what you're willing to pay. If they accept, all well and good. If they decline then wait for the next bag to appear for sale.

    Hope that helps.