Need help with Prada Gauffres.........

  1. Can someone please tell me the difference between these two bags. I took the first picture off of Jill's previous post and really like that bag. The second I found at Styedrops. I really want a brown bag and am trying to stay away from another Coffer. What do you think................:confused1:


  2. Here's the other pic..........

  3. OK...I like the first one better and I ll tell u why.....Its much better in that shape and with that type shoulder strap......
    I also ADORE the E/W shape and the bowler shape alot too.U need to go to a store and TRY THEM ON!
  4. I REALLY love the Bowler shape and the E/W. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find either in this color :sad: Any suggestions or leads?
  5. The second one is open on the top with just a snap closure and I believe the first one zips and the first bag also has the side pockets.
    I see the second one on Bluefly in Brown and the first in Camel.
  6. With that information, along with Jill's input, I think that I can safely rule out the Styledrops bag. Now, the question remains..........where can I find the E/W or Bowler Gauffre in brown? Any suggestions? :smile:
  7. Also their long straps are different...the picture you post is thicker and looks better,styledrops strap is thinner and didn't like it much
  8. I think the straps now are all the thinner ones ....... that is all I've seen lately. The thicker strap is from the earlier introductions.
  9. The thicker strap is from the first season.
  10. Prada in NY got in a brown Gauffre bowler style this week...if u r looking for one!
    Im going to NYC this weekend....Ill look for u while shopping!
  11. Agree with Jill here -- love the E/W and the Bowler! (But I wouldn't kick any style of Gauffre out of bed!) I prefer the style of the first pic you posted.

    I thought I saw the E/W in brown at Prada...?
  12. It's hard to imagine that Prada won't bring back the darker Gauffres for fall/winter. All the same styles (with mini-changes) seem to be coming back and dark brown is a standard for FW bags. You might want to sit tight since new FW bags are coming out every day it seems. As much as I love my new black "choo choo" I'm wishing I had waited a bit longer before chunking out money on my fall bag after seeing some of the newest bags here this past week. As much as I'd love a closet full of new Pradas every season, it's just not feasible for me.
  13. I saw the first bag at NM in SH mall NJ. It is so soft and comfy.