Need Help With Pics!!!

  1. hi all!
    i got the gustto baca in seafoam green (MMMM!!!) and i want to show it to all of you but don't know how to post pictures!!! (not terribly computer savvy)...can anyone help me out?
    sots:wlae: :wlae: :wlae:
  2. there is a thread about this if you do a search. Vlad has a step by step explanation. With it all, it still took me an entire day to get it (and not well enough to explain it) but if I can do it, anyone can! GOOD LUCK!
  3. Well I'm new to this myself, but this is how I do it:

    1. Open the screen to post a new reply
    2. click on the "manage attachments" button (it should be just below the box where you type in your message).
    3. when you click on the manage attachments button, a screen should pop up.
    4. click on the "browse" button and go to wherever you have your pictures saved.
    5. each picture you have will need to be loaded into a different field (i.e. you'll need to attach each picture separately by using the "browse" buttons)
    6. When you're done loading the pictures, click the "upload" button to attach the pictures to your message.
    7. then click the "close this window" button to go back to the post message page.
    8. click the "submit reply" to post your pictures and message.

    I hope that makes sense :smile:
  4. That part isn't hard. It's when it won't upload because the pic is too big that the frustration begins!
  5. Photobucket's great (I only learnt how to use it a couple of weeks ago):

    Not good at explaining and apologies if it's not clear or doesn't work for you but I'll try ...

    First you register on photobucket

    Choose a username and your password.

    Then you log in ...

    You'll see "My album" near the top right of your screen

    Click on that:

    You'll see:

    Upload to xxxxx (your username)

    Click on the "Browse" button and select from the images you've stored of your bags or whatever.

    In my case I saved pics from sites in "My Pictures" and select the pic I want, and click on "Open"

    Then click on "Upload"

    Wait a little and you should see the pic appear together with

    "URL Link
    HTML Tag
    IMG Code"

    under the pic

    In order to attach the pic of your bag, you'll need to copy and paste what you see in "IMG Code" to the body of your post:



    Hope this is clear enough but if not, someone more PC-savvy should be able to help you. :smile:
  6. You can resize pics in photobucket as well, I actually found this site very easy to use and it puts the actual image in your post, not just the link:smile:
  7. I've never used photobucket before, I should check it out...might be a good idea to have my photos on there just in case my hard drive ever gets fried (I have a bad habit of leaving everything on my computer without backing it up so if anything were to happen to it I'd be out of luck)