Need help with picking a Pochette!


Which Pochette

  1. Damier

  2. Black Epi

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Should I go with the Damier Pochette or the Epi in Black. I like the Damier because I think I can use it more everyday and for special whereas the EPI is more special occassion (dressy, which I do quite often). But the black epi is so pretty! arghhh help!
  2. I voted epi, just because its so understated and very versatile.
  3. epi
  4. I voted for Damier by mistake. I meant to vote for the black Epi. You just can't go wrong with classic black.
  5. my vote is for the black epi.
  6. epi is def more dressy, but also consider that it really doesn't hold nearly as much as the damier pochette...i definitely can't fit my wallet in there...maybe a cles, slim cell phone, and some other thin stuff...
  7. I voted Epi! ; )
  8. I voted for Black Epi!:smile:
  9. Black Epi!!
  10. Epi! I want one in every color-love this line!
  11. I voted Damier! I love the pattern!
  12. I voted for the black Epi! IMO, black epi is more versatile than Damier, since it can be dressed up or down. Damier can be casual, and business-y, but you can't use it formally. Also, I think the black epi is so beautiful, and the texture of the leather is so nice. :yes:
  13. hi i like epi but vote damier. previously i was thinking to get one black epi pochette too but after seeing some eBay pictures it seems like the epi strap can get fray? so i think damier goes a longer way ;)
  14. epi!
  15. black epi... as you've said, it looks classier.