Need help with Photoshop!? Please!

  1. Hey guys,

    I need help with photoshop.

    Does anyone know how to change hair color? Darken skin tone?

    thankss all!!!

  2. The best way would be to give the photo to someone who has experience and skillzz in using Photoshop. (On edit: you will probably have better luck with someone who dabbles as a hobby, as opposed to someone for whom it is a part of how they earn their living)

    People alter photos every day, using, among other things, colors, but it is not quite as simple as grabbing a hunk of something with the magic wand and changing hue and saturation, as you have probably already found out.

    The way to do it yourself would be to practice, practice practice.

    Because changing pics around is so popular, due to all the internet dating sites, you also might see if someone hasn't written a program specifically for that, one that might be a bit more beginner-friendly than Photoshop, which is one of the most complex software programs on the market, you can work with it daily for years and years, and you will still learn something new every time!
  3. which PS program?
  4. I have adobe photoshop elements 3.0.
  5. tried searching online for services that can do it for me.. but no luck...

  6. What you might try is searching for tutorials that are specific to Elements.

    Someone else can tell you about that program's capabilities, if I even have a copy of it, it has been opened so seldom that I don't know what all it does and doesn't do.

    I get the impression that you are looking for a more immediate solution than might be practical, unless, as suggested above, you can find someone who is well-versed in doing that particular thing who will do it for you as a favor.

    And no, that would not be me. ;) My Photoshop skillz are pretty firmly niched and entrenched in making web graphics and catering to assorted similar corporate whims, thus I have done more "retouching" and subtler things than what it sounds like you want.

    This is why I suggest a hobbyist, because the business world is less likely to send a contractor a picture and say "make her a redhead," whereas there are lots of people who are really into altering photos of people for the dating sites, and were even before eHarmony ever bought TV time!
  7. Shimmapuff - would you know anyone by any chance? I searched online, but unfortunately couldnt find anything.

    Searched for tutorials for elements but nothing. The only thing I found was about photoshop CS... which I dont have!!! lol
  8. ^^^ Well, the problem is that the people who are more likely to have experience "editing" photos for online dating purposes are not people with whom I would have developed that close of an acquaintance as to be able to ask for favors, nor would I want to owe them favors, nor would I feel comfortable recommending them or being the causative agent of them having access to the nice young people here on the Purse Forum!
  9. Sounds fair! I know what u mean even tho I am dying to get this done... so i can send it already... I am a bit worried sending it to a random stranger!

    If you come across any service that provides editing images please let me know. At this point, i wouldnt mind paying for it. as long as it is not too expensive and in the hands of a pro!

    Thanks Shimmapuff for your advice!
  10. Well my REAL advice is that neither you nor anyone send pictures of themselves, edited or otherwise, out to the near-infinite boiling cauldron of random strangers that is the internet, because it is very simply neither a smart or a safe thing to do. Not today, nor next year or ten years from now when you will have thought better of it, nor twenty years from now when your children - or a man who thinks he would like to be the father of those children - or his parents - come across an example of just some of the things that can be done with Photoshop, things that a family-friendly forum is not a good place to describe, but your imagination will do a better job of that anyway.
  11. What exactly do you need to be done if you don't mind me asking? :shame:

    My boyfriend loves to play around with PS. If you want to PM me and I'll ask him whether he could help you with anything :yes:
  12. I use PSE, what specifically can I help you with?

    Good tutorials are ANY Scott Kelby books also check out

    In general to adjust hair color only, you'll need to select it w/ a magic wand or outline it w/ a lasso.
    To adjust teh color, now that you selected it, you may chooses colors to fill it in w/. To adjust it subtly, lower the opacity.
    Same w/ skin, or the sky, etc. . . .