Need help with paypay-shipping a fake-illegal? HELP!

  1. hi everyone.

    I will try to make this succinct.

    I found and LV watch online for a good price, used, and my bf fell in love with it. He bid on it and won. We received the item yesterday and it is fake. Just fake. The watch says swi
    ss on the bottom.

    just like that. swi

    i don't think so. not good. so he opened a dispute. the guy said just send it back. But i remember from a fake 'coach' wristlet i picked up a couple months ago, and the helpful answers from the thread i wrote, that it is illegal to mail fakes through the us postal system.

    we need proof of that for paypal. that i will NOT send this back, just to be resold, at my own 'risk' through the mail. it's a federal offense, i know, but i need to find a statute or bill (i remember something about a bill going through last year) to prove it.

    can anyone shed any light on this matter?

    Thanks for listening, as always!:shame:
  2. oh dear, i am sooo sorry to hear that! did u pay w/CC? Call your CC and have them do a charge back first. File paypal to open an investgation. did you came across the bill when you post in Coach forum? I'd definitely do a search there first. good luck and keep us update!
  3. Absolutely do not send it back. Paypal might want it as evidence. File the claim through PP and see what happens. If that doesn't work out to your satisfaction, do a chargeback with your credit card. You will definitely get your money back that way.
  4. When you file the claim with PP and they say to send it back, put something in the package that you are returning a fake bag to the seller.
  5. According to PayPal dispute terms, you will have to send the watch back.
  6. I got fake bag before from eBay. I returned the bag and filed the claim. Paypal want you to give them the tracking # so make sure you return it with trackable secure shipping. I hope you will get your money back.
  7. I would return it and get insurance and a tracking # and then just use that in the paypal dispute. Then you have absolutely nothing against you and everything working for you. Good luck!