Need help...with Patent Leather

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  1. First patent leather bag. I would guess it needs more TLC than a regular leather bag. Any info as to whether I have to "baby" it? I like to use my bags and not fuss over them. Thanks.
  2. I have a red structured patent leather bag and I don't baby it at all. it wipes clean if there are any smugs, I think in general, patent leather is quite sturdy.

    Enjoy it and post pics!
  3. Just don't let the patent touch up against your other bags when you store it. It can absorb the dye from other leathers. Make sure to use the dustbag. Also watch out for newspapers & the like. It can absorb the ink from those.

    Otherwise very easy to care for. Enjoy your new bag. :smile:
  4. Thanks for the feedback. I wore it today and am loving it. I have to post's really pretty!!!
  5. I find patent leather super easy to care for. It's only more fragile if it's a light color, for the reasons already mentioned.