need help with paper topic

  1. Hi all!

    My neuropsychology professor asked us to write a paper for class.....the only directions he gave us was to write it on anything that involves a brain process

    ...and i have no idea what to write it on!

    I deal well with direction, suggested ideas, etc! Anyone have any suggestions on what would make an interesting 8-10 page research paper?
    • How does your brain process information?
    • How does your brain handle with pain?
    • How does your brain process dreams/nightmares?
    Just a few ideas off the top of my head, eh brain :p
  2. I was always really interested in dopamine re: Parkinsons, cocaine and amphetamine use. If I had to write the paper, I would talk about what dopamine is, how it affects brain functions, what happens when our bodies have too much and too little, etc. I think you could easily get 8-10 pages out that...
  3. I read somewhere that shopping gave people ecstatic and pain feelings. And the amount of pain given determined whether you would be a spendthrift or not. So you could do it on shopping and reasons why people do it ;)

    Or you could do a paper on addictions. That is always a weird and yet interesting concept.
  4. Ooh, yes. Serotonin levels and shopping. :lol: