Need help with outfit/roxbury!

  1. I need to know what you ladies think of my pomme roxbury with this outfit I purchased? Trying to fit my pomme in somewhere! the skirt is solid brown and the top is the print.
    IMG_0386.JPG IMG_0387.JPG
  2. Beautiful together.
  3. very nice :biggrin:
  4. I like the the pomme color against the brown skirt, but I think you should go with another top.
  5. The bag goes well with the outfit. If I were putting it together, I would probably add a red beaded necklace or wear a pair of red shoes to bring attention to the bag...or wear a red belt around the smallest part of my waist. I know nowadays you don't have to match things to your bag, but I like to pull out certain colors and make them repeat in various places in my outfit...
  6. go black! but this is just me! i think it will look lovely any way u where it!
  7. I knida agree with going with another top. perhaps a plain white and wearing red heels-
  8. i would change tops but I really don't have another that matches so perfectly! I would rather switch bags I guess then tops....
  9. imo, the outfit and bag go nicely together :yes: