Need help with next purchase, thanks!

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  1. sorry for starting all these threads, but i really need your help!

    I'm selling some bags online and expect to have some money to spend soon... :biggrin:
    i figured i'm missing a real crossbody bag
    my boulogne and evora mm both hits higher on my waist instead and
    my trotteur is a bit small for my needs

    i've got a couple of options:
    1. de speedy b 35
    - buying new
    - pro is that i can use the long strap on evora mm, so i will have 2 big crossbody bag :graucho:
    - all weather

    2. Preloved monogram saumur
    - less money since its preloved, fly under the radar so that i dont have to make dh go to louis with me
    - its preloved so i dont have to worry about it too much...but still i would be afraid to wear it when its raining/snowing real bad
    - con - older style, older look

    3. Bloomsbury
    - probably be buying new
    - afraid pm will be too small
    - gotta find preloved if i want gm... but will gm be to similar to my evora mm?
    - all weather

    4. Totally MM
    - not a crossbody but i think i do need a super comfy tote
    - but would it be too similar to my other monogram shoulder bags? do i have too much monogram bags?

    5. Palermo GM
    - love it, owned it briefly but still love it
    - love the details on it but it looks real similar to my tivoli gm
    - dont like palermo pm bcoz it doesnt have the details on buckles
    - too big
    - like the long shoulder strap
    - think i need a tote
    - do i have too much monogram bags?

    * i wanna buy online bcoz i'll lose some $$ on exchange rates when i transfer money from paypal *

    what do you think?
    any other suggestions?

    thanks for your help :heart:
  2. I will go for DE Speedy B. Not sure if 35 is too big for a crossbody and it is going to look nice on it. Perhaps you could see what other TPFers who have 35 got to say. For me, I have an Idylle Speedy 30 and it fits me well as a crossbody. I used it a lot when I bring DDs out for excursions. It is a great bag and not as "clumsy" as carrying an Artsy or Totally especially when going out on excursions. I even carry it with me when we went on a 10 days Cruise recently. However, I wished I have a DE Eva to go along when we go for day tours as I only have to carry my wallet and phone :sad:
  3. I love my Totally MM so I'm probably biased...but honestly it's a GREAT bag. It's the perfect size for all my "pack rat" needs and the outside pockets are great. It's also a very comfortable carry. I also need a cross body bag and the Bloomsbury is my top choice...will probably be my next purchase.
  4. I agree, but perhaps a 30. I have a 35 B DE coz I love big bags, I carry a hell lot of stuff and I know that with the classic Speedy, my Azur 35 was the perfect size. :smile:
    Buuuuut with Speedy B, with regards to wearing it as a shoulder bag or crossbody, I would recommend the 30. If I had the option to swap mine back I would :sweatdrop:
  5. Speedy b because you can use it as handheld.
  6. Thanks! I had my mind set on 35 bcoz i'm a mommy of 2 and have quite alot to carry... and i find my mc speedy 30 to be a tad small... but you are right, 35 as a crossbody will be real cumbersome... hmm...guess i need to try the size out at louis to be sure. :smile:
  7. yeah, i think i really need a real comfy shoulder tote, totally, but on the other hand also need a real crossbody bag... hard :smile:
  8. thanks! :smile: thats good to know!! if i didnt, i might just jump on a 35 speedy b
  9. thanks!!!

    looks like speedy b might be the winner!
  10. guess i should take out my mc speedy 30 to see if its big enough for what i carry nowadays :thinking: (have been carrying less than before. dont carry a diaper changing pad anymore at least)
  11. DE speedy b--so versatile
  12. My personal preference would be the Speedy B. It wears well as a Crossbody, for reference, I am 5'1 and the Speedy B 30 was the perfect size.
  13. The 35 can really dig into your shoulders as cross body :Push: and mine wasn't even half full :sweatdrop: I've tried both out ofc to check size wise, but I guess it's just really not the same as giving it a go and using it with your stuff. I know some SAs will let you put your stuff in to check weight as comfort etc but it's not the same as being on the go I guess :sweatdrop:
  14. speedy b
  15. speedy b if you want to be able to wear it both handheld and crossbody. I have the speedy idylle and I love that I can wear it two different ways depending on what I'm doing that day.

    I also really like the Bloomsbury. I have the PM and I don't think it is too small at all! Mine carries all the essentials without looking overstuffed. I am very petite and I did not even look at or try on the GM size because the PM is so perfect!

    Good luck with your decision! :biggrin: