Need Help With New Purchase!

  1. I really wanna buy something new from Louis Vuitton. Problem is, I dont know what to get. HELP PLEASE! I dont need anything.. I have wallets, bags, agendas, etc. I just need to BUY SOMETHING! LOL.


    Im thinking something from the Groom line.
  2. get a groom cles or an agenda?
  3. What about an accessory item, the keychains are gorgeous.
  4. how about some nice shoes?
  5. get the pochette!!
  6. Go in there with your mind totally open, spend all the time you want looking, then if something grabs you, get it!
    If not, the next time you go, maybe you'll get a new bag (see, you have a "credit" if you didn't get anything this time).
  7. I am mad for the cles' right now! How about a vernis or perfo or even an azur!?