Need help with New Jumbo Flap Quality.

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  1. I just got a Jumbo Flap and the lining is very loose and the leather is very matt and very flat, not puffy at all. Is this normal? Please help. Should I return?
  2. Oh my...lose lining? Please post some pictures =(
  3. Any pic?
  4. You wouldn't be happy keep it. Please return.
  5. the points you've mentioned are what others have complained about for this new batch. i would return
  6. pics would def help! but if you aren't happy, i would return or keep it if you're on the border (since these are hard to come by)...and ask the SA to find you another for an exchange. ive done this before and the SA was super accomodating!
  7. Return.
  8. Yes exchange!
  9. U get it from Chanel shop, rite? Go to return and complain about it.
  10. I went back and the SA told me all the bags are the same and there is nothing wrong with it. She showed me a smaller flap and it was similar no puff or shine. I did use the little glove cloth it comes with and it did add a little shine to it. The bag still looks beautiful so I decided to keep it mainly because they are so hard to find and the price increase coming soon.
  11. Any pictures to show us your beautiful bag?:smile: