Need help with new bags.

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  1. How about a bag in the Mahina leather, either the Haumea or the Hina MM? Good luck deciding! :smile:
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  2. I was just in a very similar position. I had a store credit to use and I chose to order a Mon monogram speedy. I still have some credit left and not sure what I need. My approach was to buy something I was holding off on for whatever reason. I gave myself the excuse of, might as well buy it now.
  3. E29FBCD7-F68B-437C-966F-E9833CC27A42.jpeg
    If it were me, I’d get the SC Bag...the leather is so beautiful and special.
  4. Man, that bag never gets old! Such a great suggestion!
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  5. I third the SC! Best LV bag ever.
  6. Are they still making this? I couldn’t find in their website
  7. Not that I’m aware of. Only option is preloved.
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  8. I'm too voting for capucines! :love:
  9. I got that picture from the website.
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    I see it too!
    Screenshot_20190118-221015_Chrome.jpg IMG_20190118_1.jpg
  11. Sorry to say just because you see photo on website doesn’t mean it’s still available. :sad:
  12. Whoops I see I uploaded a photo of me with the sc bag from the night before without caption. Barely visible there but certainly a precious beauty!!

    And yes, it does say call for availability. Might be worth calling to see if there's stock. Otherwise, the capu would be my next choice.
  13. I was recently talking about the SC with my SA, and she confirmed that it is not on the website anymore, but it still appears in three colours in their internal database (black, dune and one other that I don’t remeber) This style is not advertised since it was from a past collaboration with Sophia Coppola under the direction of Mark Jacobs which is not actual anymore. Still it is possible to order it. I am not sure if all the shops have this option or only the biggest ones. If interested it is worth to ask.
  14. Let us know what you decide! I havent gotten a call, but I have a Retiro NM and a Bagatelle, both I've heard are on the list. I've been going through the website and have no idea what I'd get!
  15. Which bag is this?! I don't think I've ever seen it and love it!!