need help with my white lambskin chanel

  1. hi there ,,

    i've bought my white lambskin chanel bag 6 months ago ,, and since we in Qatar wear the black cover called abaya ,, my bag turned kind of into black ,, and its like a nightmare now ,, i love this bag too much ,, and i tried to ask for advice how to clean it with most of chanel stores in london ,, and all of them were clueless ,, i hope any of u can help me here :sad:
  2. Did they offer to have it redyed? I think that's a good option.
  3. how is that?? didnt get u :smile:
  4. They can re-dye your bag - so its white again. Call and ask them about it. Good luck - hope it works out!!
  5. is there any specific chanel botique can do this? or should i call anyone of them??
  6. any one will do it!!! hth!!
  7. Im sorry to hear that,
    thats horrible.

    I wouldn't know what to do either,
    my SAs tells me there is no way of cleaning it so hearing elong mention about the bleaching is interesting. Do they take it back to France to do it?
  8. Sorry, not related to OP's original question.

    Just want to compliment women in the Middle East. Under their abaya, are lovely possessions! :P
  9. You can get your bag redipped but I believe it can only be done of a maximum of three times.

    I think it was Swanky Mama who suggested that saddle soap works really well for color transfer, but I haven't tried it myself yet.