Need help with my next bag

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  1. #1 Oct 7, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 7, 2010
    How are the shoulder birkins does anyone own one. I want it to use as a summer bag and more of a satchel type bag then really for over the shoulder. Can you guys please help me before i make a big purchase. My store has a Yellow red and blue one right now. Email me at x with any pic you dont mind sharing with me of the inside how much it fits and what it looks like on. Again thank you for all Your help.

  2. here is a spy pic... of a guy using it on the streets of paris. Hope this will help you!


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  3. Thats just a normal birkin I want the shoulder birkin
  4. You seem to have a very strong background, "bagwise"... I doubt you need any advice ;)
  5. when it comes to hermes yes there alot of money and i want a shoulder birkin
  6. #6 Oct 15, 2010
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    Ok then, I agree with perlerare on the bag background, but since you wish to have an opinion and want an opinion. here it goes the shoulder birkin is and interesting concept that as you probably know has been redesigned, for ergonomical reasons. since the first shoulder was more of a cut version of the HAC and was very hard to wear on well......the shoulder, the shoulderII has been created to be an actual shoulder bag. so as a bag that you do not wish to wear in this way ,then it is in my experience the wrong bag for you , why ?? Because it defies the point,it stretches a long way so contents shifts more ,it moves more because the shoulder II has very long handles so it dangles a lot when on the fore arm another thing, if it's you in the pics above (love the collage btw) you look thin and even though we bag lovers will stand everything for the love and look of a bag I can tell you this bag is very heavy, thus the shoulder option! .My fiancee usually ends up helping me with my bags and he is a biggish strong kind of guy, yet he
    always complains that the shoulder is just beyond tolerable weight I ended up selling mine did not keep it for long actually , and you know thing is the shoulder is a divine look and a Jane
    birkin user type bag, that is to say that if you don't mind strong use folding hugging shape
    changing wear then sure go for it .but again from the pics you are like me, your bags look mint and it's not a bag that can be babied as much because of the masive weight issue and general design distribution issue .the bag does not have the ease that my 30s 35s and 40s do many may argue theoposite and i respect it this is my experiance and very personal point of view so as always

    hope it helps darling. birkel.

  7. Yes it helps i just want a bag for the weekends im now back on the market so my birkin was my bag i always use when i go out for dinner but it has slowly become my everyday bag and i fit my birkin over my shoulder when its open. I want the shoulder as a weekend bag so bad my sa says im gonna regret it but i find that bag so sexy i dont know why I think after i pay my car off thats what im gonna do with my tax money is buy one.